MSA is ‘Walking the Walk’

MSA is 'Walking the Walk'

April 15,  2008

New City  NY -

'Walk the Walk’ is the tag line for the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) initiative on sustainability. The call is being made for Architects throughout America to take the lead in the sustainable evolution. Through a series of tool kits, advocacy, seminars and an information clearinghouse the AIA is assisting and encouraging members to show by example and leadership how architects can ‘save the planet’. Based on CO2 emissions, buildings are the primary culprit of climate change. However, buildings need to be a major part of sustainability solution.

Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA) has enthusiastically accepted this challenge. While working on several ‘sustainable’ building projects, MSA is literally ‘walking the walk’ by registering their headquarters in New City, NY to be a LEED-EB certified building. The LEED-EB rating system is reserved for existing buildings that were not designed or constructed to be ‘green’ but still can be made environmentally friendly. It provides a benchmark for building owners and operators to measure operations, improvements and maintenance, with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.