main services


Building Design

Take your vision and give it form, explore its possibilities, raise it to new levels, then integrate it into your building site and the community at large.


Site Planning and Design

The advantages and disadvantages of different properties and evaluation of potential site engineering problems are essential to proper site selection.


Campus and Master Plans

Plans allow clients to plan for long term needs and goals while accommodating the daily demands.


LEED - Green Buildings

Our LEED accredited professionals will help you build a project that is healthier, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and provides tax incentives for energy-efficient buildings and products.


Interior Design

Our professional designers bring their in-depth knowledge of products, materials and finishes to plan, schedule, execute and manage your project from start to finish.


K-12 School District Services

Healthier, more efficient and effective eductional buildings - helping our students learn, our teaches teach, and administrators and board members lead.


Integrative Design

It can also be defined as the intelligent integration of technology with nature. If buildings are the primary culprit of our environmental challenges, with integrative design they can be part of the solution and the path towards energy independence.


Energy Saving Performance Contracting

Federal, State, and Local governments as well as school districts have been implementing ESPC's for years, and private owners can also benefit from this innovative tool.


Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling helps us suggest improvements to the performance of your buildings that pay for themselves.



Programming seeks out the problems our designs need to solve. A good program identifies the specific spatial, functional, and economic needs of a project.


Design Counseling

Helping home and building owners make the right decisions about designing, building or remodeling their real estate.


Builder's Plan Service

Our Building Permit Plan Service will give you custom architectural design services for your building or remodeling project at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.


Space Planning

Our expert services can help you evaluate your office needs and prepare quick and accurate layouts.



Communicating our designs to clients is enhanced by three-dimensional images in perspectives and models.


Construction Management and Inspections

Our expert professionals manage your project and the construction process.


Feasibility Studies

A proposed project is analyzed to determine the architectural, engineering, code, zoning, site, and economic parameters.


Existing Condition Drawings

We provide clear and accurate records of existing as-built conditions with concise details, which are determined by architectural plan standards.


Modular Construction

Modular construction can permit our public buildings to be built better and perform more efficiently. It can improve the lives of occupants in healthy, safe and high performing buildings.


(EPC) Energy Performance Contracts

Implementing Energy Performance Contracts can help achieve finance capital improvements, no cost to taxpayers, no referendum, and more.


Building Condition Survey

Building condition surveys are required every five years by NYSED. MSA has performed dozens of these and are experts in assessing.


Preventative Maintenance Plan 

Effective preventative maintenance plans can save 15% annually.