Rockland Municipal Planning Federation asks Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED to present at their 21st Annual Dinner


Michael Shilale, of Michael Shilale Architects, LLP, will be the guest speaker at the dinner. He will describe why existing buildings are prime opportunities for reducing carbon emissions and energy use. He will discuss the LEED-EB rating system and strategies for implementing improvements in building systems, water and energy use.

Attend the dinner to listen and ask questions– while wining and dining at the Clubhouse at Patriot Hills

Buildings produce almost half of the carbon dioxide emitted in the US each year.  They consume 75% of the electricity generated.  The good news is they can do better - a lot better.  LEED certified buildings use 24%-50% less energy, produce 33%-39% less carbon dioxide, consume 40% less water, and recycle or reuse 50%-70% of their solid waste. Come and learn how.