MSA Gets New Sculpture by Edward Walsh

For the third time, Michael Shilale Architects, LLP has been given the opportunity to loan out and display a piece from sculptor Edward Walsh.

Edward Walsh is a Rockland based artist from Valley Cottage with over 30 years of experience. His client list includes but not limited to, various corporate headquarters around the country, as well as local clients like Camp Venture’s Holocaust Memorial and Pomona Junior High School. Besides large-scale outdoor sculpture work, Walsh also creates interior sized sculptures, bas reliefs, kinetic sculptures, and works on paper.

Two of the works MSA has been able to display in the past are the “Bird Arising” (image left) and “Seated Lady” (image right), both of which gathered great attention. As an ever supporter of the arts, we at MSA hope that the newest piece garners the same positive response!

The new piece, called "Robed Lady" was started in 1997 and has had changes made all the way through 2015. This lovely sculpture is made as a model for Bronze and we cannot wait to feature it! We encourage our families, friends, and clients to drive by and see this great piece of art!

In his artist’s statement, Walsh says,

"Robed Lady" by Edward Walsh

“Creating a sculpture is a journey into the realms of form, line and material that will accept my artistic will. During creation; the sculpture calls on me to continually find new answers that meld with each successive change, and which I must integrate into a work that possesses its own persona, beauty and significance … In bringing my energies to bear on the resistances inherent in each material, each creation takes time, sometimes great lengths of time working very hard materials and later emerges as if spontaneously after months or even years of shaping and refining.”

The time, effort and work ethic behind Walsh’s statement in evident in his art. We recently had the pleasure to visit Walsh at his home/ workplace, and got to talk about his art, both old and new. He works with a wide range of materials to create a variety of art – stone, marble, granite, steel, bronze, aluminum and even Styrofoam.

We had a great time looking through all of the sculptures and art pieces and are grateful for the chance to display one of these works of art again!

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