Pathways in Technology Early College High School (PTECH) at Rockland Boces

Recently Michael Shilale Architects, LLP presented at the RBA lunch dedicated to the P-Tech (Pathways in Technology Early College High School (PTECH) at Rockland Boces. The RBA was instrumental in bringing this amazing program to Rockland County. 

Michael Shilale, AIA was one of the first business mentors in the program. Mentors attend meeting and interact with students through mock interviews, career days, and even sharing expertise.

Michael believes,

“when you show kids how to make papyrus, or fertilize hydroponic plants with fish waste, the history of Egypt and the water cycle become much more interesting.” 

Algebra and geometry become more important when we realize they are necessary to keep us safe and prevent our roofs from collapsing and our windows and walls from succumbing to the wind.

Sean Powell, about to graduate from P-Tech, was recently hired and shared his experiences with the eight P-Tech students in attendance as well as over 50 business people.

P-Tech Students also presented some of their recent work and Allison Paul the schools Guidance counselor asked businesses to helps in any way they can. She spoke of being a ‘proud mom’ in seeing Sean’s success first hand and encouraged the students in attendance to follow in Sean’s footsteps.

Michael says the ‘rewards from being a mentor at P-Tech are many’ and implored those in attendance to get involved with P-Tech in any way they can.