Going Beyond Covid-19

In 1603, during an outbreak of the plague, Shakespeare wrote "All's Well That Ends Well", and Carlos Maderno designed the facade of the Vatican.

In times where workers and society are reaching their limits, we reach to envision spaces that are safe, healthy, functional, and sustainable. While working remotely, MSA has been holding virtual design meetings with clients, designing solutions for our clients needs and goals, imagining impacts of social distancing on our built world, and inspecting our construction projects that have been deemed essential.

Here are some of the projects MSA has been working on:

Office Alteration

12M Energy Performance Project
Retail Storefront Redesign
Waterfront Residence

All of us at MSA are well and hope the same for our friends, clients, and collegues. In hard times, it can be a struggle to "Keep Calm and Carry On".

However, despite the struggles, MSA is discovering new ways to work, keep in touch with clients, and progressing with essential projects.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and See you soon!