New Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Town of Clarkstown

2/5/20: Clean, green and sustainable energy has been one of the biggest growing needs and focus in all forms of modern society. Green buildings using LEED standards and sustainable practices from LED/high performance lighting to energy performance projects to modular buildings are some of the few methods that Michael Shilale Architects have used and developed over the years.

It’s no surprise then that we believe there’s no better way to bring in the beginning of another energy focused decade than by celebrating the new Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at the Town of Clarkstown’s Town Hall. As true supporters and pushers for any green methods, Michael Shilale Architects, LLP are always happy to support our local neighborhoods’ efforts in increasing sustainability and clean energy.

In July of 2019, we were honored to be present at the opening of the new Tesla Super Charging Station at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY; we even got to cut the ribbon! . The Tesla cars combine high performance, beauty and sustainability, notions we strive for with our architecture every day. We believe that electric and green cars are a great step in the direction to make not only architecture but every aspect of daily life greener.

These new electric car chargers hold great opportunities for bringing people into town and allowing for those with electric cars a great close-by charging spot when visiting some of the local shops or restaurants. Made possible and paid mostly by a $16,500 grant provided by the DEC, Supervisor George Hoehmann was joined by Councilmen Frank Borelli and Donald Franchino, Highway Superintendent Bob Milone, as well as electric car owners Sheldon Horowitz, Jeffrey Domanski, and our own Michael Shilale eager to celebrate and try out the new spots.

About this latest development, Supervisor Hoehmann says, “This is the first charging station in any municipality in Rockland County, I’m very proud of this project… This project is a very practical application, high speed effective charging station with 4 spaces that are now made available to the public; Any types of vehicle, electric or hybrid can plug in.”

From solar fields to new LED streetlights to the LED conversion of the town’s highway garage, this is the first of many and certainly not the last of efficiency and energy improvements made throughout the town. As stated, this project holds 4 new electric charging stations open to both the community and visitors – excitingly the first 2 hours of charging are free from the Town of Clarkstown!

Charging Up! (From left to right): Sheldon Horowitz, Michael Shilale and Jeffrey Domanski

We at Michael Shilale Architects, LLP were grateful to be a part of this event and would like to thank the Supervisor, the town and the board for making Rockland County greener!

To learn more about green buildings or sustainability, visit our Streaming Sustainability or MSA’s Green Tour.

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