Feasibility Studies at MSA

04/19/19: MSA answers our clients’ questions – on the way towards achieving their needs and goals.

Some of the first questions our clients ask us are - How much space do I need, what will it cost, and how will it look.  One of the ways Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA) answers those questions is with a feasibility study.

MSA has been performing Feasibility Studies for our clients for almost 30 years. When starting the feasibility process, the first step is to assist our clients in better understanding and defining their needs, goals, dreams and desires.  These are crystalized in a document called a program.  The proposed program or project is analyzed to determine the architectural, engineering, code, zoning, site, and economic parameters. Our goal is a comprehensive analysis so that the client can make the right decisions about designing, building or remodeling their real estate.  Often, we protect our clients’ assets by assuring their projects are properly phased and their capital dollars are spent wisely.

Most recently, MSA has worked on Feasibility Studies for three very interesting and diverse clients: Cross Life Church, Thiells Roseville Firehouse, and the Rockland Pride Center.

Cross-Life Church in Thiells, NY asked MSA to evaluate the addition of two classrooms to their existing church.  During the initial conversations a future gym and large sanctuary space were discussed as long-term goals of the congregation.  MSA recommended a feasibility study to properly plan and phase a multi-year construction program.  All work would need to take place allowing continuous operation throughout construction.  Adequate swing space and assuring no work performed today would impede their future plans was also part of the analysis.  

“Michael Shilale Architects helped us understand that our original location for additional classrooms was not ideal.  Their feasibility study looked at our future needs and goals for our church and created a master plan that will guide our growth for many years to come,” says Miguel Lluesma, Deacon.

The Feasibility Study for the Thiells Roseville Firehouse focused on answering many of the Fire District’s questions.  MSA was able to answer questions such as; can we fit a new “state of the art” firehouse on our existing site, what would it look like, what would it cost.

“Our Fire District building committee met with MSA to help us better define our needs and goals for our main station and headquarters; Through several meetings while answering many questions, as well as accompanying our commissioners in visiting newly developed Fire Stations throughout the county.  Then, in a timely fashion, they have presented us a comprehensive and creative analysis as well as a beautiful design of a building that would better enable us to commit to our important service throughout our district and for our many stakeholders involved. Their professionalism and reputation far exceed their competitors anywhere in the Hudson Valley Region for projects on any level.” - Robert Masiello, Thiells Roseville Fire District

MSA’s work for the Rockland Pride Center was commissioned to evaluate the existing building to act as the headquarters for the Rockland County Pride Center.  Included in the initial plan was offices, a clinic, a large meeting rooms and a Pride Cafe on the street front.  Locating the future elevator to make the entire building accessible to all was a big challenge.

In the future, the existing building will hopefully be transformed into a multi-purpose hub for the many programs that the pride center runs for LGBTQ youth, parents, families, partners and veterans.

All three of these projects and organizations imagine greater inclusion and the betterment of our communities. We at Michael Shilale Architects are proud to say that we have been able to help and support these three organizations in their future building plans.  Being able to provide them with a framework and vision plan for their building and expansion the environment and conditions for future members and the overall community will be vastly improved.

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