Michael Shilale Cuts the Ribbon at New Tesla Station

07/31/19: “Beauty - High Performance – Sustainability. That’s what good architecture aspires to be. It is what anyone who drives a Tesla experiences every day,” says Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED, CPHC.

On July 31st, 2019 the Palisades Center Mall opened their new Tesla Super Charging Station, an amazing spot that lets up to 20 Tesla owners charge their cars at once!

From Left: Jeremy Schulman, Al Samuels, Michael Shilale, Goerge Hoehmann, Kenneth Zebrowski, Donald Franchino, Darrin Houseman, and David Aiken.

Michael Shilale, as both a member of the Rockland Business Association (RBA), head of the RBA’s Green Council and proud owner of a Tesla, Model 3 was excited to be a part of this opening event.

Clarkstown Supervisor, George Hoehmann

Hosted at the Palisades Center, General Manager of the Palisades Center, Darrin Houseman, welcomed representatives, elected officials, local Tesla owners and more to join them in celebrating the move toward more sustainable, green, and clean energy sources.

Assemblyman, Kenneth Zebrowski

The efforts of the Palisades Center, says Town of Clarkstown Supervisor, George Hoehmann, “Make themselves even more accessible and open to the community and, more importantly, expanding the green energy infrastructure that we need so desperately here in Clarkstown and Rockland County.”

“You’ll be able to not only see it from the Thruway and know it’s there, but hopefully go in to one of our great shops and charge your car at the same time”, said Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski,  “This is what we need to do.”

“These charging stations will be the largest within Rockland County and will contribute even further to our development mission of providing hospitality and tourism,” said President/CEO of the Rockland Business Association, Al Samuels.

As the now closest Tesla charging station to our county, this new Super Charging Station allows for greater accessibility for our local Tesla owners while working alongside the Palisades Center to hopefully gather more interest, and traffic within the mall itself.

Rockland Business Association, Al Samuels

“Tesla has proven that electric cars are here to stay, and that is more important than ever. Last year, for the first time in 40 years, more CO2 emissions came from our transportation sector than from US power generation,” Spoke Michael Shilale at yesterday’s event. “We have been doing so well making our buildings more energy efficient and switching to more efficient fuels, that now cars, trucks and other forms of transportation are our greatest polluters.”

So a big thank you Tesla and the Palisades Center for helping all of us in Rockland County have a cleaner, greener future!