A Glimpse at the Modular Process

06/15/18: Recently, Michael Shilale Architects, LLP invited staff and clients considering modular construction to watch as a new piece of modular building was being assembled at the Jesse Kaplan school site.

This "floor-less" modular building is different from most. They have no "floor" and so are designed to sit on a concrete slab, eliminating the need for a crawl space. The individual parts are built off site and transported on trucks to the construction site. From there, pieces are lifted by a crane and gently placed down where workers will weld the sections together.

Seeing these fully built sections is an interesting twist on the normal process that most probably imagine at a construction site; Differences like sinks and toilets pre-attached to the modular wall rather than being installed on the floor.


The "floor-less" modular building allows for a more cost, as well as, time effective method of building, suitable for clients who may need classroom and office space more urgently. We are so excited to watch this process come together and can't wait to see the project finally completed.

To see more modular building processes, see the Pope John XVII Middle School and Jesse Kaplan

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