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New Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Town of Clarkstown

2/5/20: Clean, green and sustainable energy has been one of the biggest growing needs and focus in all forms of modern society. Green buildings using LEED standards and sustainable practices from LED/high performance lighting to energy performance projects to modular buildings are some of the few methods that Michael Shilale Architects have used and developed…
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Michael Shilale Cuts the Ribbon at New Tesla Station

07/31/19: “Beauty - High Performance – Sustainability. That’s what good architecture aspires to be. It is what anyone who drives a Tesla experiences every day,” says Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED, CPHC. On July 31st, 2019 the Palisades Center Mall opened their new Tesla Super Charging Station, an amazing spot that lets up to 20 Tesla…
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A Glimpse at the Modular Process

06/15/18: Recently, Michael Shilale Architects, LLP invited staff and clients considering modular construction to watch as a new piece of modular building was being assembled at the Jesse Kaplan school site.

This "floor-less" modular building is different from most. They have no "floor" and so are designed to sit on a concrete slab, eliminating the need for a crawl space. The individual parts are built off site and transported on trucks to the construction site. From there, pieces are lifted by a crane and gently placed down where workers will weld the sections together.

RBA Pinnacle Award 2018

5/3/18: At the Rockland Business Association’s Annual Recognition Award, we honored the many Rockland business leaders as well as our own Michael Shilale, receiving the coveted Pinnacle Awards. This was a great night to celebrate the present and future efforts of the many businesses in Rockland. The winners of each award are as follows: Pinnacle Award…
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RBA Green Council is on the Air

06/02/2017: Michael Shilale, AIA co-hosted another radio show on WRCR 1700AM last week. Michael, a partner in the Architectural Firm Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA),  is also the Chair of the RBA's Green Council.   Michael enjoyed some playful banter with his co host Bill Madden the director of communications for SUEZ NY and their guests.  …
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